Module 2

In this module, learn about the importance of baby's cues and the strokes for the legs & feet. 
Responding to Baby's Cues

During baby massage, it is important that we listen to and notice our baby's cues.  We want massage and touch to be a loving and happy experience for our babies.  By listening to our babies cues and respecting their feelings around touch, we will help develop a sense of trust, respect and love between ourselves and our babies. 

Strokes for the Legs & Feet

The legs and feet are the best place to start learning baby massage. They tend to be the least sensitive area of a baby's body, so great for introducing massage.  Take your time and review the strokes as often as you need. If you ever have any questions, please do get in touch!

The video below explains the power and importance of touching our babies lovingly and frequently. 

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