Module 5

Strokes for the Back 

Giving your baby a back massage is a great way to help your baby get a bit of tummy time, while also enjoying the benefits of massage.  The massage can help them relax, while also helping them feel more connected and close to you, making tummy time more enjoyable and fun.​

You may have heard old wives tales from friends and family, including, "you're going to spoil your baby if you hold them too much/respond to them too often/soothe them all the time." Or maybe you have heard, "you're building a rod for your own back!"
These old wives tales are just that. Tales. 

Science has proven time and time again that responding to our babies, holding, touching and loving our babies, cannot spoil them.  In fact, it does just the opposite. It helps them grow, thrive and develops their social and emotional intelligence, helping them to become more confident as they grow. 

The short video below discusses how you cannot spoil your baby. 

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