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Baby Massage
Virtual Baby Massage

Learn the magic of baby massage in the comfort of your own home! Begin and progress at your own pace, re-watch videos and have family members join in too! Gain access to my private Virtual Baby Massage Facebook group where you can join in on live sessions, gain support and ask questions!

Baby massage is a beautiful way to bond and connect with your baby, while helping ease common ailments, promote stress relief and relaxation and aid development. 

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Questions? - I'm here to answer any questions and support you 

Experience the magic of baby massage! Baby massage is a relaxing and fun way to bond and connect with your baby, while:
* Providing relief from digestion issues, teething discomfort, congestion and colic.
* Promoting relaxation and stress relief for parent and baby

* Connecting with your baby through loving touch 

* Improving your mood  &  supporting the parent/baby bond

*Stimulating baby's physical & language development 

My baby massage courses always allow time for chatting, asking questions, gaining support and making friends! More than just a baby class. You will also gain access to our private Facebook group for mums where you can gain support, meet other mums and access resources, videos and more. 

6 week course - 70 mins/class                         

Tuesdays  - 12:15pm 

Next Term  April 13,  2021
Barnham Comunity Hall

4 weeks - 10 months

Blissful Baby

A lovely class helping you connect with your baby while stimulating their development, through baby yoga, baby massage, developmental play and more! Perfect for babies from 3 months - 10 months (although this is flexible) . There is social time, socially distanced and following covid-19 guidelines,  at the end of each class to chat with myself and the other mums and gain support.  

6 week term - 60 mins/class
Next Term  - April 13,  2021
Tuesdays - 11:00am

Wednesdays - 9:45am & 12:15pm
Barnham Community  Hall

Thursdays - 11:00am

Slindon Village Coronation Hall



Magic Movers

For babies on the move!  A more active class for older babies, designed to  help you connect with your baby while stimulating their development, through baby yoga, baby massage, developmental play and music!  Perfect for babies from 10 months - 18 months (this is flexible). Due to the corona virus restrictions, I am currently not offering social time  at  the end of the Magic Movers classes.

6 week term - 45 min/class
Next Term - January 5, 2021
Tuesdays - 9:45am

Wednesdays - 11:00am
Barnham Community Hall

Thursdays - 9:45AM
Slindon Village Hall


Tummy Time Workshop 

Tummy Time workshops are a wonderful way to support your baby's development by  turning  tummy time into position for play! All of your tummy time questions and concerns answered!  Learn about the importance of tummy time, when to start, the best time to practice tummy time, and lots of great tummy time activities and play. This workshop is suitable for babies from 0-6months    of age. 

Next Workshop
TBD  (60 mins)

Mummy Meet-Ups

A couple of times each month, Magic Little Moments participants are invited to join us for an informal meet-up .  A great way to meet other mums and get out of the house. Meet-ups are held at local parks and cafes.

All meet-ups follow current covid-19 guidelines.


Meet-ups are posted on our private Facebook group and emailed to those on our mailing list. 


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